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Partner Types

DOKU offers various partner types, each with different levels of control over sub-merchants and access to specific data.

Affiliate Partners are individuals or businesses that promote DOKU's services and refer customers to DOKU in exchange for a commission. These partners do not directly handle transactions but play a crucial role in driving customer acquisition.

Example: Sarah, a popular tech blogger, becomes an Affiliate Partner with DOKU. She writes articles and creates content promoting DOKU's payment solutions on her blog. When readers use the affiliate link provided by Sarah to sign up with DOKU and make transactions, Sarah earns a commission based on the referred business.

If you're interested in affiliating, reselling our services, or integrating DOKU into your platform, we provide tailored partnership opportunities to meet your business needs. Please fill and submit this form to embark on a mutually beneficial journey as a DOKU Partner.

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