Juragan DOKU


Juragan DOKU is a mobile app that enables small-to-medium businesses to accept payments both online and offline by generating payment links or showcasing your products through a catalog. Juragan DOKU simplifies your business with a comprehensive transaction reporting feature to keep track of all your transactions in one place with a detailed and easy-to-understand report.

Key Features

Create Orders with Payment Links in a Flash

Generate payment links that can be seamlessly scanned and shared with your customers. Let them choose from a variety of payment methods, including e-wallets, credit cards, and bank transfers. Payment Link will make it easier for you to track & control all transactions.

The following video is a guide on how to create a Payment Link with Juragan DOKU.


Instant Confirmation through Your Device with Dynamic QRIS

Juragan App allows you to generate dynamic QRIS codes effortlessly. Enjoy instant confirmation right on your phone, ensuring a swift and secure payment process. Embrace transactions with digital payment in the palm of your hand.

The following video is a guide on how to generate a QRIS with Juragan DOKU.


Effortless Product Management and Order Processing

Transform your selling experience with the e-Katalog feature on Juragan App. Showcase your products in a visually appealing catalog that you can share with your customers. They can directly make purchases, choosing shipping options such as instant, same- day, or regular shipping. Receive instant notifications through the app for new orders, streamline your order processing, and even request pick-up services to send products to your customers hassle-free.

The following video is a guide on how to use e-Katalog on Juragan DOKU.


Juragan DOKU supports both iOS and Android operating systems. Visit the links below to download and install Juragan DOKU based on the operating system that your phone supports:

  1. Juragan DOKU on App Store (iPhone)

  2. Juragan DOKU on Play Store (Android)


What is the difference between DOKU Dashboard and Juragan DOKU?

DOKU Dashboard mainly supports web/browser platforms, while Juragan DOKU only supports mobile platforms (iOS and Android). Despite the difference of platforms, you can log in to DOKU Dashboard and Juragan DOKU with the same DOKU Business Account credentials.

What is the price to install Juragan DOKU App?

Juragan DOKU App is free on both Play Store and App Store. Furthermore, DOKU does not charge any monthly fee for using Juragan DOKU app. DOKU only charges fee based on every successful transaction.

If your questions cannot be found here, please visit DOKU Help Center for further information.

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