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Promo Engine is a tool provided in DOKU Dashboard that enables merchants to create a promo where the customers can apply a discounted fee of their purchase based on the amount that is allowed by the merchants. The discount can either be percentage-based or flat-based discounts. The performance of your promos can also be tracked using our analytics and reporting. Promo Engine serves as a powerful marketing tool to enable your business to attract, engage, and retain customers through strategic and targeted promotional activities.

Key Features

Campaign Management

Promo Engine allows merchants to design and manage diverse promotional campaigns, including discounts and cashback offers.

Rule-Based Promo System

You can define specific rules and conditions that trigger promotions, ensuring targeted and strategic incentive programs. For instance, a discount might be applied only if a customer makes a purchase above a certain amount or uses a specific payment method. Rules can also be applied for other objects such as:

  1. Per Transaction Value

Merchants can customize and fine-tune promotional campaigns based on the specific value of individual transactions. This feature is designed to offer flexibility and precision in targeting promotions, ensuring that incentives are applied according to transaction amounts.

  1. Per Quota

Merchants can manage the distribution and usage of promotions by setting specific redemption quotas. This functionality adds a layer of control and flexibility to promotional campaigns, allowing merchants to regulate the number of times a particular promotion can be redeemed.

  1. Per User or Unique ID

Merchants can deliver highly personalized and targeted promotions by applying incentives on an individual basis. This functionality enables the application of promotions based on unique user identifiers, allowing for a more tailored and strategic approach to marketing

  1. Per Payment Method

Merchants can strategically manage and optimize promotions based on different payment methods. This functionality empowers merchants to customize incentives for specific payment methods, encouraging customers to utilize preferred or strategic channels.

At present, only Cards payment method is available on Promo Engine.

  1. Per Time or Period

Merchants can schedule and control promotions based on specific time periods. This functionality empowers merchants to strategically deploy promotions during targeted hours, days, or events, maximizing the impact of incentives.

  1. Per Discount Amount

Merchants can apply dynamic discounts based on the total transaction amount. This functionality provides the flexibility to create promotions where the discount amount varies depending on the overall value of the customer's purchase.

Budget Control and Notification

Budget Control is a feature to manage and control promo spending. This feature ensures that promotional activities align with predefined budget constraints, promoting financial transparency and preventing overspending. Once merchants set the budget, merchants will receive notifications when budgets are near to depletion or exceeding predefined limits.

Promo Duplication

Promo Engine allows merchants to create similar promos by duplicating existing ones. This feature not only helps to save a lot of time and effort to set up a promo, but it ensures consistency of the information and details of the promo that is to be created.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting tools are offered in DOKU Dashboard that enable you to analyze the performance of promotional campaigns, understand customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions for future strategies.


Increased Customer Engagement

Promo Engine creates compelling incentives for customers, encouraging them to interact with the business, make purchases, and participate in loyalty programs.

Boosted Sales

Well-designed promotions can drive sales by attracting new customers, increasing average transaction values, and promoting repeat business. Elevate your revenue by promoting complementary products or services to existing customers. Encourage them to explore more and elevate their average order value.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Retention

Loyalty programs and personalized promotions foster a sense of loyalty among customers, encouraging them to choose a particular business over competitors. Strengthen long-term relationships while boosting repeat business.

Seasonal Strategies

Seamlessly manage seasonal and holiday-specific promotions to ride the wave of heightened demand. From Christmas sales to Ramadan specials, Promo Engine ensures your business capitalizes on peak periods.

Data-Driven Marketing

The analytics and reporting capabilities of Promo Engine enable merchants to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and the effectiveness of different promotions.

Competitive Advantage

Merchants that use Promo Engine effectively can outstand themselves in the market, attracting attention and preference from customers.


Businesses can easily adapt and modify promotional strategies in response to market trends, seasonal changes, or shifts in customer behavior.


How does Promo Engine work?

When customers proceed to the payment page, they will be presented with an option to apply a promo code. If eligible, entering the code will trigger an immediate deduction from the total amount due. This seamless experience enhances customer satisfaction and helps increase conversion rates.

Can I customize the conditions under which a Promo is offered?

Yes, you have full control over the conditions for applying this discount. Set specific criteria such as minimum order value, specific products, or purchase combinations to ensure the promo aligns with your marketing goals.

Can I combine one Promo with other types of promotions?

No, currently the promo engine does not support the combined promotion with other promo types, but soon you have the flexibility to design promotions that combine the "Promo for Discounted Amount on the Payment Page" with other promo types, such as cashback rewards or loyalty programs. This versatility allows you to create compelling and multi-dimensional offers.

Are there any limitations to the types of products or services eligible for a Promo?

You can specify which products or services are eligible for the promo. This allows you to target specific items or categories that align with your promotional objectives.

Can I modify my Promos in real-time?

Yes, Promo Engines enables adaptation and modification of promotional strategies in real-time, allowing for quick responses to market trends, seasonal changes, or shifts in customer behavior. Please note that Budget and Terms of Conditions cannot be altered once they have been activated. You have the option to save the campaign as a draft and schedule the activation of the promo based on a date that you designated.

How do I create a Promo test?

You can test to set up a Promo with DOKU Sandbox. This will help you to visualize how your Promo would look like before releasing it in the production environment.

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