DOKU e-Wallet


DOKU e-Wallet is a digital wallet service that enables users to make online and offline payments safely, anytime and anywhere. You can use DOKU e-Wallet to pay various bills and subscription-based purchases, top up and withdraw cash, as well as transfer funds to other DOKU e-Wallet users.

Key Features

Mobile Wallet Management

DOKU e-Wallet serves as a centralized hub for users to manage their digital wallets effortlessly. Users can easily check their wallet balance, review transaction histories, and monitor their financial activities in real-time. This feature empowers individuals to maintain control over their digital funds with convenience and accessibility.

Premium Account

While the Regular Account only allows a maximum balance of IDR 2,000,000, a Premium Account allows a maximum balance of IDR 20,000,000. You are also enabled to transfer balance to other DOKU e-Wallet users and withdraw balance via Bank Transfer.

Online and Offline Payments

One of the primary functionalities of DOKU e-Wallet is the ability to make secure and seamless online and offline payments. Users can shop for a wide array of goods and services, ranging from e-commerce purchases to digital subscriptions, using their mobile devices. DOKU e-Wallet provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process for various online transactions.

Bill Payments

DOKU e-Wallet often supports bill payments for utilities, telecommunications, and other services. Users can settle their bills directly through the app, eliminating the need for traditional payment methods and providing a more efficient and time-saving alternative. DOKU e-Wallet supports the following list of Bill Payments:

  1. Mobile Balance Topup (Pulsa)

  2. Mobile Package Data (Paket Data)

  3. PLN Prepaid/Postpaid (Prabayar/Pascabayar)

  4. PDAM

  5. Internet & Cable TV

  6. Telkom

  7. Phone Bill (Telfon Pascabayar)

  8. BPJS (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial)

  9. Tax & Non-Tax Payments (Penerimaan Negara)

  10. Cash Withdrawal (Tarik Tunai)

  11. On-Store Payment (Belanja di Toko)

QRIS Payments

QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) is a standardized QR code system used for digital payments in Indonesia. DOKU e-Wallet allows users to make payments by scanning QR codes using their mobile devices. The QRIS system is designed to facilitate interoperability among different payment service providers, making it easier for consumers and merchants to transact across various platforms.

Fund Transfer to Banks and e-Wallets

DOKU e-Wallet facilitates quick and secure money transfers, allowing users to send funds to other DOKU users or individuals who have DOKU accounts. This feature is particularly useful for peer-to-peer transactions, splitting bills, or sending money to friends and family members, all within the convenience of the mobile application.

Promotions and Rewards

To enhance user engagement, DOKU e-Wallet may offer promotions, discounts, and rewards programs. Users may receive exclusive deals or cashback rewards for using the app for specific transactions or shopping with partner merchants, providing added incentives for continued usage.

Security Features

Recognizing the importance of security in financial transactions, DOKU e-Wallet incorporates robust security measures. These may include encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and other security features to safeguard users' financial information and transactions, instilling confidence in the use of the digital wallet.

Merchant Integration

DOKU e-Wallet seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of online and offline merchants. This integration enables users to make purchases from a variety of businesses, including retail stores, restaurants, and service providers. By connecting with merchants, the app enhances the overall shopping experience, offering users the flexibility to pay for goods and services using their DOKU digital wallet.


DOKU e-Wallet supports both iOS and Android operating system. Visit the links below to download and install DOKU e-Wallet based on the operating system that your phone supports:

  1. DOKU e-Wallet on App Store (iPhone)

  2. DOKU e-Wallet on Play Store (Android)


How to top up my DOKU e-Wallet balance?

You can top up your balance via bank transfer (online) and convenience store (offline). You can find the guidelines on how to top up your DOKU e-Wallet account on the app either of these methods

  1. Select Fund Source

  2. Select Bank, to find out how to top up your balance via the bank

  3. Select Convenience Store to find out how to top up your balance via the outlet

  4. Select Credit Card, to link the credit card with the DOKU e-Wallet Account

What is the difference between Regular and Premium account?

Premium Account allows you to

  • Transfer balance to other DOKU e-Wallet users;

  • Withdraw balance via Bank Transfer; and

  • Have the balance limit increased to IDR 20,000,000

If your questions cannot be found here, please visit DOKU Help Center for further information.

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