DOKU Checkout

With DOKU Checkout, there's no need to build your own payment page

DOKU Checkout is an API that enables you to use DOKU-hosted payment page that can either be redirected or embedded to your website. This is the easiest and the quickest method to integrate with DOKU as you are not required to build your own payment page.



Logo and Brand Name

To ensure that your customers know that they are making payment in the right page, you can adjust your brand name and also insert your brand logo.

Payment Method Settings

After activating the selected payment methods of your choice, you may freely sort the arrangement of the payment methods that is shown on the checkout page; we suggest to sort in the order of the most used payment method by your customer. You may also choose to show or hide certain payment methods that you don't want to appear on your checkout page.

Color Settings

Set the appearance of your checkout by changing your color palette and time format.

Language Settings

Whether your customers are local-or-international-based, you can freely adjust the default language of the checkout page.

Expiration Date

The default expiration date of checkout page is 60 minutes, but you can freely set the expiration date based on your requirements.

Google Analytics

If you wish to track the usage of the checkout page through Google Analytics, you may simply input Google Analytics Tracking ID in the settings.

Promo Code

Enable your customers to apply promo code to their purchases with DOKU Checkout.

You can try DOKU Checkout by using our demo here, or immediately integrate with our API by following the guide here.

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