Terms and Condition

  1. Merchant shall be entitled to void the transaction of Customer if that transaction is suspiciously has the potential to harm the Merchant in the future. The voidance information is submitted to DOKU in order to void such suspicious transactions. If the transaction is already running, the refund process shall be conducted in accordance with the provision as set out in the T&Cs.

  2. With limitation related to transactions that are suspected of violating the law, fraud, suspicious, or violating the provisions of the T&Cs and/or shall be adjusted to respective Payment Method policies, provisions regarding refunds may apply in accordance with the policies of the Merchant, that is:

    • Refund requests approved by the Merchant will be notified to DOKU. Notification to DOKU must include at least information regarding the Customer's name, email, contact number, transaction ID, bank account details or DOKU e-Wallet ID, and the amount to be returned;

    • DOKU will validate the refund request.

  3. Refunds for all transactions shall only be made to Customers through a bank account or DOKU e-Wallet.

  4. For the avoidance of doubt, DOKU reserves the right to refund the Customer at its sole discretion upon notice to the Merchant after the commencement of the refund process and the Merchant warrants that DOKU's actions does not constitute a violation by DOKU and the Merchant will indemnify and release DOKU from and any losses and claims from the Sub-Merchant and/or the Customer at DOKU's discretion. Merchant agrees to bear the refund amount.

  5. In terms of Aggregator Service, Merchant hereby grant the approval to the DOKU to use the amount of settlement to make a refund. If the amount of settlement is not sufficient to deduct the refund, the Merchant must pay the amount of refund or such amount of the deduct within 7 (seven) business days to DOKU.

  6. DOKU will return the money to the Customer's bank account no later than 10 (ten) business days after the request from the Merchant is received clearly and correctly.

  7. If the initial transaction was paid using DOKU e-Wallet, DOKU will return the money to the same DOKU e-Wallet account by using the source of funds in the initial transaction no later than 3 (three) business days after the request from the Merchant is received.

  8. DOKU shall not refund over the MDR and/or any other cost, only for the price of the Product.

  9. Refund Service Fees are as shown in the table below. The Service Fees will be deducted by DOKU from the settlement amount. The fees below are excluding applicable VAT.

Settlement MethodFee per Transaction

DOKU e-Wallet

IDR 2,500

Bank Transfer with an amount below IDR 25,000,000

IDR 6,500

Card Transactions

For Card transactions, the following are the refund details:

  • will be done through the cancellation API or by instruction from Merchant via email;

  • will only be refunded to the original credit card of the customer that is used for the transaction.

Non-Card Transactions

Non-Card (other) transactions can be refunded via bank account or DOKU e-Wallet. The following are the refund details:

  • For refund to bank accounts, there is a limitation of maximum IDR 25,000,000 (twenty-five million Rupiah) per refund disbursement.

  • For refund to e-Wallet, the maximum limits will follow the e-Wallet regulation as follows:

    1. Maximum balance of IDR 2,000,000 for users who are not KYC'd.

    2. Maximum balance of IDR 20,000,000 for users who have been KYC'd.

    3. Maximum turnover of IDR 40,000,000 for both KYC and non-KYC users within 30 days.

  • Refund will be done through DOKU's disbursement API or Refund Service API. Either API shall only be used for the purpose of Refund to the Customer and not for any other purpose without the written permission from DOKU.

  • Merchant must place a deposit in DOKU account in IDR with detail as follows:

    • Bank Name: Bank Central Asia

    • Account Name: PT Nusa Satu Inti Artha

    • Account Number: 092-1453212

    • Bank Branch: Jakarta Tebet Saharjo

Flow of Refunds using DOKU disbursement service will be as follows:

  1. Merchant must make a deposit to DOKU account as the source of refunds.

  2. Merchant must already have the customer's bank information (bank name, account name, account number) if the initial transaction was made via Virtual Account or Convenience Store, or the customer's e-Wallet ID if the initial transaction was made via e-Wallet.

  3. Merchant will send the payout instruction to DOKU by API.

  4. DOKU will execute the payout in real time.

Flow of Refunds using DOKU Refund service API will be as follows:

  1. Merchant must make a deposit to DOKU account as the source of refunds.

  2. Merchant will hit DOKU's Refund API and DOKU will return with a link.

  3. Merchant or DOKU will send the link to the customer.

  4. Customer will open the link and follow the instructions

  5. Once customer completes all information and the information provided by Customer is correct, DOKU will execute the payout.

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