Custom Settlement

Split Settlement

Split Settlement is a feature designed to streamline and automate the distribution of funds among multiple stakeholders within your business ecosystem. This service ensures accurate and transparent financial transactions by allowing you to split settlements based on predefined rules.

Key Features

  • Rule-based Splitting: Define rules to automatically distribute funds among various recipients.

  • Real-time Settlements: Enjoy the convenience of instantaneous fund transfers as transactions occur.

  • Customizable Thresholds: Set specific criteria for splitting funds, ensuring flexibility in financial management.

Use Cases

  • Marketplace Platforms: Easily distribute payments to multiple sellers in online marketplaces.

  • Aggregator Services: Streamline revenue sharing among service providers and partners.

  • Franchise Businesses: Facilitate automatic revenue distribution among franchisees.

Please refer to our API Reference on how to implement Split Settlement feature for your business account.

Hold and Release

The Hold and Release feature provides you with control over payment disbursements by allowing you to temporarily hold funds and release them based on your business requirements. This feature enhances security and reduces the risk of unauthorized transactions.

Key Features

  • Manual Control: Manually review and approve transactions before funds are released.

  • Fraud Prevention: Mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities by implementing additional verification steps.

  • Customizable Hold Periods: Define specific time frames for holding funds based on your business needs.

Use Cases

  • Risk Management: Minimize financial risks by manually reviewing high-value transactions.

  • Fraud Prevention: Implement additional security measures to protect against unauthorized transactions.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry regulations by controlling fund releases.

Please refer to our API Reference on how to implement Hold and Release feature for your business account.

Custom Settlement Report

Custom Settlement Report feature empowers you with comprehensive control over your financial data. Generate customized reports tailored to your specific business needs, providing insights into transaction details, fees, and settlement timelines.

Key Features

  • Flexible Reporting: Create reports based on selected parameters such as time range, transaction types, and more.

  • Export Options: Download reports in various formats, including CSV and PDF, for seamless integration with your financial systems.

  • Transaction Details: Gain granular insights into each transaction for enhanced financial analysis.

Use Cases

  • Financial Analysis: Analyze transaction data to make informed business decisions.

  • Accounting Integration: Seamlessly integrate settlement data into your accounting software.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Generate reports for compliance purposes and audits.

Please refer to our API Reference on how to implement Custom Settlement Report for your business account.

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